Mark L. Buehnerkemper, Optometrist


What a Great Experience!

As you leave our office, get in your car, and reach to put the keys in your ignition, you will think to yourself “What a great experience! The doctor and office staff were so knowledgeable, friendly and caring. They obviously knew how to help me with my specific vision and eye health concerns. I was provided with an extremely thorough exam, and with the highest quality eyewear. I am so pleased that I can hardly wait to tell my friends and family what a great experience that I had, and recommend that they also see Dr. Mark and his staff to help them with their eyecare needs.

Obviously we set high standards for ourselves. We feel strongly that these high standards are what keep our patients coming back each year, and what allows us to help you and those in your family to achieve to your highest ability in school, in work, and in life.

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