Lakeport Main Street Christmas Trees

The Lakeport Main Street Association is sponsoring a new event, Lakeport Main Street Christmas Trees. We will be putting Christmas Trees, decorated by business, families, classrooms, individuals, lining Main Street from 1st Street to 4th Street during December. You are invited to participate! To reserve a Christmas Tree, you must be located in Lakeport, fill out the form below, and pay the fee of $100. You will be required to supply lights (LED only) and decorations for the tree. You will also be required to decorated your tree anytime between November 20 and November 25. We want them fully decorated by the Dickens Festival on November 26 so we can light all of them at the same time as the big Christmas Tree.

On your tree, you will have a laminated sign stating who decorated the tree, our sponsors names, and the Lakeport Main Street Association logo.

You will be required to take down your tree on January 7. Any decorations left over will be recycled along with the tree. You will also be able to take home the 1/2 wine barrel on which the tree is mounted.

1. All lights must be LED.
2. All decorations must be weather proof and SECURELY attached to the tree (zip ties work great). No ornaments made of food, dough, biscuits, or using Elmer’s Glue or Contact Cement as these are not weather proof.