Board of Directors Application

Thank you for your interest to serve on the Lakeport Main Street Association Board of Directors.

A member of the Lakeport Main Street Association (LMSA) Board is expected to stay informed about committee matters. Meeting minutes, agenda and applicable attachments should be reviewed prior to monthly meeting so that you can understand issues and provide input on various matters. 

An LMSA Board Member serves a 3-year term and may serve consecutive terms. 

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Understand and promote the organization’s mission
  • Be familiar with the organization’s programs, policies, and operations
  • Attend monthly board meetings and appropriate committee meetings
    • Board members should notify Exec Dir if they are unable to make meeting and provide any input for meeting, if applicable
    • Board members should miss no more than 3 board meetings a year
  • Actively serve on at least one committee and offer to take on special assignments
  • When necessary, may be asked to occupy the LMSA Desk and phone line
  • When necessary, represent LMSA at Lakeport functions and meetings
  • When necessary, join other LMSA board members in housekeeping activities
  • LMSA Board members will be asked to actively participate in membership activities, which include member renewals and new member recruitment
  • Be a member in good standing by paying annual dues
    • Business $75
    • Individual $50

Please fill out the following if you are interested in serving on the LMSA Board of Directors: