The “Mural Trail”, with Lake County inspired murals (from themes on natural resources, culture, history etc.), include several within the City of Lakeport.   The murals in Lakeport are a joint project between the Rural Arts Initiative, The City of Lakeport, and The Lakeport Main Street Association.

The muralist discussed the images and concepts with the Middletown Rancheria Tribe Elders as to what is representative of the “spirit”. It features a young Native American woman’s profile and also showcases the tule boat used by Native Americans on Clear Lake. Many of the beautiful, local woven basket designs are incorporated in the mural as well. The Native American Spirit Mural is on the side of the Lakeport Community Center located at the corner of Main Street and 5th Street.

The artist: Michael and Violet Divine

We were asked come up with a design for a mural inspired by the Pomo tribal history – both past and present – that thrives throughout Lake County, CA. We painted this in October 2019.

The Pomo are renowned for their basket weaving techniques. The patterns are a part of the landscape and the baskets are woven from the tule reeds that grow along the shores of Clear Lake. Even the canoes are woven from the reeds. The mural draws on those inspirations, weaving the patterns through the landscape, speaking to the practices of and honoring the women of the tribes, and the spiritual center point of Mt Konocti.

Violet lives in California with her husband, Michael. Together, they work on continuously co-creating a happier and healthier world.

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