2022 Board of Directors Candidate Profiles

We will be choosing 6 people for the Board of Directors for the Lakeport Main Street Association. Here are the candidates:

Hannah Lee (Konocti Bicycles)
Why Hannah Lee wants to serve on the Board:
To partner with the association to continue helping the economy of Lakeport grow and create our own thriving community.

Skills/Experience: I have an educational background in business management, accounting, and income tax preparation. In my professional life I am a Deputy Public Guardian and manage the persons and estates of 80 + individuals. I prepare reports for the courts, including accountings, investigations, reports on actions that we have taken, inventories of belongings, and have had to search for property/monies with limited information. In my business life I purchased a failing business at the start of COVID, the first year of owning the business was difficult as there was no inventory, the previous owner left substantial unpaid debt that had to be untangled from the business, and suspicion from the public that he was still involved. In this last quarter we have seen a 26% increase in sales and the community has started to rally around our business in support of us.

Georgett Eggle (Lake County Chamber of Commerce)
Why Georgett Eggle wants to serve on the Board:
I have always been motivated to help make my community better and believe in the adage, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Since I started attending LMSA Board meetings, have been impressed with LMSA direction and wish to help accomplish their goals.

Skills/Experience: Before moving to Lake County, I was the Volunteer Coordinator / Logistics Manager for a large Spiritual Community on Santa Rosa. Since moving to Lake County, I have served on the Boards of the Kelseyville Community Association and the Lake County Historical Society / Ely Stage Stop. I currently work for the Lake County Chamber of Commerce.

I have developed promotional material for events, updated and maintained websites, and produced newsletters, both printed and emailed.

David Brown (Sweet Peas’ Ice Cream)
Why David Brown wants to serve on the Board:
I would love to be on the board because my business is on Main Street and love the work the LMSA is doing and think I can be a good assistance.

Tsac committee 2018 -2020
Tsac chair 2020
Fair foundation 2017- current
Fair foundation 2019 – current

Steve Short (Lakeport Tire and Auto Service)
Why Steve Short wants to be on the Board:
LMSA is a vital organization for the growth and well-being of businesses in Lakeport. Especially important is the marketing – both online and in other media – that supports local companies. In addition, LMSA either sponsors or coordinates numerous events in the community. All of this creates tremendous opportunities for area business owners to create brand recognition and product/service awareness in the community and to those just visiting.

Skills/Experience: I possess both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Marketing, and spent several years as a Marine Corps Public Affairs Officer responsible for recruiting advertising in the Los Angeles area. I am also a previous founding partner of a digital media production company and, later, was founder and owner of an online boat parts company. The past ten years have been spent as either Executive Director of Dealer Sales, Training and Development for a company with $120 million in annual revenue, or as Vice President of Sales for a company with more than $40 million in annual sales. All of these experiences, combined with being a 14-year veteran of the US Marine Corps, can help support the LMSA mission.

Brandon Disney (Disney’s Boat Rentals)
Why Brandon Disney wants to be on the Board:
Our boat rental company has been in Lakeport for 40 years and it is a business that I absolutely love being a part of. My goal is to keep it going for at least another 40 years! As a fairly recent college graduate, I am yet to form very many professional relationships with the community and other business leaders. By becoming a Board Member for the Lakeport Main Street Association, I believe I can bring another perspective to the association while continuing to connect with our great little town.

Skills/Experience: In college at Cal State University Sacramento, I studied business while majoring in commercial recreation and tourism. My focus has always been how to get new customers to our area, rather than entice them with local shopping and events while they’re already here. Our experience with getting people up to our little town is an asset that would suit the association well.

I am yet to become a board member for any association and although I don’t have much experience with committees or associations, I am excited and ready to learn.

Bob Santana (Santana’s Cottage Cafe and Catering)
Why Bob Santana wants to be on the Board:
To promote Lake County businesses,
To serve the community and make Lakeport the spot to be in Lake County.

Skills/Experience: I have served for the downtown San Mateo working association as a board member for 4 years. I enjoy community events. Bringing organizations together to help plan and execute their rolls in the community. I have many years experience in planning large events and planning catering events.