2021 Board of Directors Candidate Profiles

We will be choosing 8 people for the Board of Directors for the Lakeport Main Street Association. Here are the candidates:

(*Denotes current Board Member)

Kelly Anderegg (Hair and There):
Why Kelly Anderegg wants to serve on the Board:
I love being part of the community. Also I have already been volunteering in helping with some of the projects of the board. Such as helping with the hanging baskets on Main Street. I also participate in the parades and other Town functions that we have. And would like to be more involved

Skills/Experience Kelly Anderegg will be bringing to the Board:
I feel that I can bring energy and ideas to the table. I am really good at organizing and delegating. I love working with people and collaborating. I’m very community-minded and I love our town
Also I own my own business called ‘hair or there’. I’m a traveling salon. I go to people’s homes that can’t get out I also take care of Rocky Point Care Facility salon and their sister facility in Ukiah Redwood Cove salon.
In short I’m very social and I love to be around people

Tiffany Bishop* (California Accounting):
Why Tiffany Bishop wants to serve on the Board:
After joining February of 2020, we were unable to have most of our events, and I was unable to assist and dedicate myself. With the new year and new changes, I’m excited to be able to dive in a little deeper and start contributing!

Skills/Experience Tiffany Bishop will be bringing to the Board:
Organization, physical help, and determination to better the association in any way I can. I have learned quite a bit over the last year and look forward to putting that knowledge to work.

Robert Boccabella (Business Design Services):
Why Robert Boccabella wants to serve on the Board:
I would like to be part of the Revitalization effort of the Lakeport business districts and environs.  Following the downturn during the 2020 Pandemic there is a great deal to do which present exciting opportunities.

Skills/Experience Robert Boccabella will be bringing to the Board:
I have served on the Board of Directors of a number of Business Organizations  and Chambers of Commerce which include and are not limited to: Lake County Chamber (6 years); Middletown Area Merchants Association (3 years); Clear Lake Chamber (2 years); Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Sonoma County (5 years); Petaluma Main Street Association (5 years; Petaluma Chamber of Commerce (7 years).  And, on many of the above organizations, I was an officer and served on the Executive Committee as well as the Board.
I also have been the Chair of numerous committees which include but limited to: LCCC – Chamber Ambassadors; LCCC – CTA Core Committee + Chair of CTA Social Committee; Chair of Professional Services Committee for Petaluma Chamber, Vacaville Chamber, Eureka Chamber; and MAMA – Beautification Committee.  I have recently become Chair of LMSA Design Committee.

Maureen Brasier* (Jitter Bean Coffee Lakeport):
Why Maureen Brasier wants to serve on the Board:
I am currently on the board and would like to continue in a leadership role

Skills/Experience Maureen Brasier will be bringing to the Board:
Business owner and current board member and my love of Lakeport

Barbara Breunig* (Hillside Powersports and Marine):
Why Barbara Breunig wants to serve on the Board:
I love the city of Lakeport and am active in activities .
I have been president for 15 years

Skills/Experience Barbara Breunig will be bringing to the Board:
I’ve been a business owner for 55 year in the City of Lakeport.  I’ve been active in the Lakeport Main Street Association for 15 years and have enjoyed watching our City grow.

Lorna Cruz Higdon* (Clearlake Club):
Why Lorna Cruz Higdon wants to serve on the Board:
I have been involved with Lakeport Main Street for several years and do enjoy having a voice in the planning of events in downtown, Library Park and within Lakeport. I also appreciate having a voice in various activities that help to improve the downtown and other areas in Lakeport.

Skills/Experience Lorna Cruz Higdon will be bringing to the Board:
*Five plus years in increasing LMSA involvement and responsibilities
*Strive to provide excellent Customer Relations and Customer Service
*Possess good Teamwork skills
*Possess Organization, Administration & Leadership skills
*Strive to be Dependable & Reliable

Elaine Gradek:
Why Elaine Gradek wants to serve on the Board:
To help promote Lakeport as a great place to visit and live.  To be a part of a organization that brings a community together.

Skills/Experience Elaine Gradek will be bringing to the Board:
I have been a Lakeport chamber ambassador. Owned by own business in Lakeport for 20 years. I enjoy being involved with planning and doing events.

Camille Miller*:
Why Camille Miller wants to serve on the Board:
I love being in the community and bringing new ideas to Lakeport. I’m from the bay area and love to incorporate perhaps new festivals here to the community just like I did with Dia De Los Muertos. I’m Native Pomo /Mexican American and feel I’m a advocate to include more diversity to the town and be a voice on the native and Latino community . We are all in this together to make a brighter future for our town.

Skills/Experience Camille Miller will be bringing to the Board:
I sit on different boards and councils here in the town of Lakeport and I’m related to the Pomo tribes here in Lake County . I’ve had a business in baking here for a long time so I’ve met a lot of people and enjoy talking with others planning parties and get togethers . I have a strong communication skill and feel planning festivals and car shows are some of my strong points . Since that’s what we do for out community.

Suzy Rinker:
Why Suzy Rinker wants to serve on the Board:
I lived in Lakeport since 1973 and I have volunteered at the LMSA events for the last 5 years

Skills/Experience Suzy Rinker will be bringing to the Board:
Great people skills. I am familiar with all the business past and present and all the owners and I am also very active in the Elks organization.

Shannon Tyson*:
Why Shannon Tyson wants to serve on the Board:
To help serve our community and help make it a place people want to come with things to do and see.

Skills/Experience Shannon Tyson will be bringing to the Board:
Connecting with people and sharing a vision of growth for our community.